Choosing A Good Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

Choosing A Good Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

Many of us enjoy bonding with our pets, but dislike cleaning up shedded hair. There are a few ways to cope with this issue: get on your hands and knees and start sweeping, live in a home filled to the brink with hair, or investing in a vacuum especially used for picking up pet hair.

While debating on which vacuum to purchase, it is of the utmost importance to determine a few factors that will aid you in acquiring the best pet hair vacuum for you.

Something that many people seem to neglect, is that even if a vacuum was not specifically produced for the task of cleaning pet hair, it may have the ability to do so.

Two great vacuums that are not specifically used for pet hair would be, the Shark Navigator and the Hoover Platinum. A few things to keep in mind when buying the best pet hair vacuum for you will be the suction level, weight, and most importantly online reviews.

There is nothing like slaving over a dirty floor, only to uncover that there are still segments of dirt left over. This can be a major problem, especially if you have kids or guest over.

It is unsanitary and, to say the least, not so appealing to the eyes. Dirt seems to pop out especially in carpets, that is why you should take time to make sure you invest in a vacuum with good suction. It should not only be able to pick up pet hair, but also clean deep within the carpet.

If you are looking around for a vacuum you will most likely come across something called air watts, these are the same thing as suction power watts. These are important because, this is a good indicator of how much this vacuum can pick up.

The number of watts recommended will depending on the type of vacuum you choice. For cylinder vacuums, it is recommended to get one that has about 220 watts, if you are interested in an upright vacuum it is recommended to get one that has 100 watts.

Weight is another thing to put into consideration. If there will be a need to haul the vacuum upstairs, opt for a lighter option. If you don’t have a upstairs then you have nothing to worry about. Plus, some pet hair vacuums are hand held.

Online reviews are also great, because they allow you to see how satisfied customers are. These are just a few tips when looking for the perfect vacuum for pet hair.

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