Where To Start When You Plan To Buy A Pressure Cooker

There are many people who post their questions online about what size or kind of pressure cooker should they buy, what features to look for and many other questions. When a person is already convinced that it's a wise idea to buy one, the next question is how they can find the right one for them. Check the pressure cooker ratings as well as that’s also important.

It's a good idea to buy a set with one that has a 4 quart and an 8 quart pot with dual lids. One lid can be used for pressure cooking pots while the other that is clear and tempered is good for pots used for regular cooking. This will eliminate the need to get another pot.

For those living alone you can just get a smaller pot so it’s easier to cook for one without much left overs. The larger pot is good for making desserts. You can put a container inside it and still have enough space surrounding the dessert with pressurized steam. It’s also great for making chili or stew that can be served to a big crowd. Make sure that you won’t fill the pressure cooker more than half when you are going to cook beans or rice in it as they still tend to froth.

The 8 quarts are great for canning and storing them in small jars. It has everything needed to preserve your foods as the 240 degrees temperature that it produces is enough to kill all the health hazard causing bacteria in the food so it will be ready for packing.

A pressure cooker with 2 temperature settings is good as you can cook in lower temperature for more delicate foods such as fish and you can use the high setting for other foods.

Make sure you keep your pots clean and keep the vent holes cleaned and clear. Also, don’t buy the cheapest one you’ll find as the good stainless steel ones are priced within the range of $60 to $200 each. It can even last a lifetime if cared for properly.

This pressure cooker can surely beat the top rice cookers around because it not only help you cook rice but it can do so much more.

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